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Is Apple Building an iPhone Nano? [REPORT]

Could the big surprise that Apple wants to showcase involve a tiny model of the iPhone? Would it also be cheaper and one third smaller than the current iPhone 4? Could this be, the iPhone 5?

Bloomberg is getting a lot of juice lately. They are citing “people who have been briefed on the plans” says Apple is considering on launching inexpensive phones as a way to counter the growth of Google’s Android.

A smaller version of the iPhone, one with older components and a smaller screen to keep the price down, would have to run iOS without compromising the integrity of the user experience. Apple has done this before in other markets (think about the iPod Nano), but Apple already sells a cheaper iPhone: the iPhone 3GS, available for $50 with a contract.

An iPhone mini or iPhone nano would be an interesting play, but like many projects at the company, it could be scrapped long before it sees the light of day.


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